Do you think you have what it takes to join wiped?:
Do you have / are you:
- An excellent standard of raiding gear
- A raid-centric mind set (heavy dps or great healing)
- A good raiding attitude (no moaning or whining at all)
- Ventrilo
- 18 years old or above (sorry kids)
- Be able to raid Sundays, Monday and Thursdays from
8 PM till 12 PM Gametime.

Then this might be your lucky day.

Class Openings
- Druid (CLOSED)
- Hunter (CLOSED)
- Mage (CLOSED)
- Paladin (CLOSED)
- Priest (CLOSED)
- Rogue (CLOSED)
- Shaman (CLOSED)
- Warlock (CLOSED)
- Warrior (CLOSED)

If it is indeed your lucky day, register on our Forums and make an Application on the Recruitment Forum !










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